Saturday, October 27, 2012

Code Red - Saved!!!

Darwin and Lukas were rescued by
Debra W!
We truly appreciate all of the sacrifices she
made to drive from another state and save these
precious boys!!
Who could resist such a sweetie as Darwin?!
He's just a baby!!

 Or handsome, young Lukas??

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Captain Adopted!!

Captain chillaxing at the shelter..
 Captain's new furdaddy!
And..  His new furfamily!
May they have many years of furry fun!!
Can you put a price on a happy family like that?
Captain doesn't think so!!

Want to join in and help a dog like this?

Can we getta Woof, Woof!

25 Dogs..
Several days..
Countless hours of work
by the dedicated group..
Resulted in 25 dogs being
All Irving dogs are safe and out of danger.
Thanks to everyone who helped to make it happen!
Now..  There are countless other animals in other
locations waiting for their turn for rescue.
Onwards and upwards.
There is work to do!
: ).

Rescued!! Safe!!

These are our favorite kinds of dogs..
They were saved, rescued, fostered or adopted
from the shelter.
On their way to their furever homes!
 Sad Ellen in the shelter..
Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Ellen on her freedom ride!!
 Sad Josh in the shelter..
Happy Uno on the way to his furever home!
In San Diego, CA no less!
Lucky Uno!!
Can we getta woof, woof!?
 Sad Molly inside the shelter..
 Happy Molly outside the shelter..  : )..
 Barney renamed Peanut..  : )..
 Bart was rescued!
 Brandy was rescued!
 Colson was rescued!
 Hilda was rescued and renamed Amber..  : )..
 Happy, Happy, Joy! Joy!  Joy was rescued!!  : )..
 Junior was rescued!!  : )..
 Justin was rescued!  : )..
 Logan was rescued!  : )..
 Peanut was rescued..  And now..
Has a furever home with Tyga who was also rescued!
 Perla was rescued!!  : )..
 Pudge was rescued!!  : )..
 Shadow was rescued!!  : )..
 Taylor was rescued!!  : )..
 25 dogs were rescued from the Irving Animal Shelter by 10/18/2012.
Including..  My buddy!!
 Marty hanging out in the shelter..  : )..
And then tasting his sweet, sweet, sweet freedom
yesterday, after getting his rabies shot and
getting ready to go spend a night at the Wuf At Us Spa
in Irving, TX.  Just waiting until he can reach his
furever home forever!  : )..
Whatta handsome young man!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So many success stories! So many to go!

We had a great day for those Irving Animal Shelter pups.
There are four who were rescued today!!
Especially this poor little baby!
 Her name is Ellen.
She was a four month old
terrier mix when she came to the shelter..
And this is Ellen today!!
This is Ellen's blissful, joyous, happy
expression on the car ride to her rescuers residence!!
Ellen is safe, free and out of the shelter!!
Can anyone really put a price on the joy of a rescued pet?
Not according to Ellen!
Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!
Soo many success stories in the past couple days.
However, we still have animals who are in urgent danger
of being euthanized.  Their time is up tomorrow afternoon.
Cut off time for rescue is 3pm Central Standard Time.
If you know anyone who could help, please feel free to share
this website and
The rest of those pups deserve to be this happy!
Ellen agrees!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

About this blog!

I have started this blog to help animals who are in dire need of rescue, whether it's a foster home, rescue or adoptive family.  These are animals that are in danger of being euthanised by shelters simply because of overpopulation, instead of illness or problems.  These animals might be lost, separated from their furparents who are still looking for them, but not sure where they have gone, or they may have been strays for a while, or unfortunately, they might have been surrendered by those who had given them homes where the situation changed and no longer could keep them.

These furbabies need help.
This site will hopefully help them.
If you, or anyone that you know, could
help in anyway, shape or form, please let us know!
Help those who need help.
Save a life and they may help save one in return.